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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Feb 15 12:15:17 GMT 2008

On 15/02/2008, Martin.Hepworth <martinh at> wrote:
> Also
>  The clamd facility is only really stable at 4.62 or later and didn't exist before 4.61..
Not to mention that no facility of MailScanner would ever run trhe
clamd _command_ ... Not whatsoever.

What seems to have happened here is that someone has followed a
bothced instruction on enabling clamdscan support by futzing the
clamav-* wrapper scripts. This of course hasn't worked, since clamd is
the server part, not the client.
This would explain the bogus log entries on both hosts.

What Alex should do is to follow the spirit of the wiki article
to get things going on the newer install (4.66.5 was it?), and upgrade
the other one to a version later than 4.62.something (just as you say
Martin), and do the same there.
Only other really viable option would be to run clamavmodule on the old one.

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