MailScanner consuming 100% CPU

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Fri Feb 15 10:52:41 GMT 2008

Man this is doing my head in :( Have checked all the directories and the permissions are just fine.  It seems that only the header is being extracted from the emails, and not the message body at all.

Perhaps my MIME::Tools is corrupt ? But I have download the latest MS and recompiled everything.


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> Hi Glenn,
> pf logs are fine, I even ran a postfix check and set-permissions just
> in case.  Three messages are in the queue and are about 2k in size
> each.  I even dropped the tmpfs and ran it directly to the file
> system.  No change.
> For the time being I am routing messages directly, as the PostFix
> checks are blocking most things.  I will take a deeper look at it this
> evening when I am back home.
> Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Any other ways I can
> debug the code Jules to find where it is stalling ?
> Regards,

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