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Mark Sapiro mark at
Fri Feb 15 02:55:52 GMT 2008

Glenn Steen wrote on Thu Jan 24 12:33:45 2008

>On 24/12/2007, Mark Sapiro <mark at> wrote:
>> The nature of the server is that outgoing mail is virtually all Mailman
>> list posts or forwards of mail, all of which was scanned on the way in.
>> I would just as soon not have Postfix hold mail from localhost at all,
>> but I haven't figured out how to do that.
>Bypassing MailScanner for outgoing mail is easily done... All you need
>is an smtpd listening on another port .... and have that smtpd _not_
>use the header_check... Then see to it that mailman use that port to
>submit mails... Set SMTPPORT in your config, IIRC... There are some
>examples littering the net, on how to setup a "secondary" smtpd
>listener, and you usually have a stub in your ... Also look
>at the wiki, I have some howto there where I use a trick like that to
>do multi-recipient splitting (one mail/recipient, so that MailScanner
>rules don't work on just the first recipient...). Or give a holler and
>I'll dig something out.


I've been away for a while; thus the delayed response.

Thank you for the above advice. It's very helpful.

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