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Thu Feb 14 09:43:47 GMT 2008

On 14/02/2008, --[ UxBoD ]-- <uxbod at> wrote:
> Hi Jules,
>  one step ahead ;) tried that at 1am this morning and still the same problem :( a spamassassin -D --lint works just fine, but when I run MS through debug it does appear to complete the SA checks but then hangs when it says "message size 30k".  What is happening after this bit ?
>  Regards,
What does your PF logs show? What does a ps listing of the children
show? Your not short on disk for tmp/tmpfs? What messages do you have
waiting? Something massive? What does a postcat of them look like?
.... and probably a few other questions...:-)
I'm sure you've looked already, but it doesn't hurt checking:-):-)

-- Glenn
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