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Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 13/02/2008, AlxFrag <alxfrag at> wrote:
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>>  ok it works now. As you said i'm having problem with other files too.
>> Running the file command on a text file gave "DOS executable (COM)".
> Those are usually very "optimistic" one byte magic codes in the magic
> file that the file command uses. How to comment them out and recompile
> the magic file has been covered several times on this list.... I
> suggest you look through the archives for that, unless you know how
> already;-).
To save you having to mess with the "magic" files on your server(s), you 
can just wait till the start of next month when I'll do a stable release 
including all the "file -i" stuff for matching MIME types as well as 
what it can do now.

> Cheers


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