Extreme OT - Thunderbird display problem.

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Tue Feb 12 15:17:19 GMT 2008

This is real OT, so I am accepting any spears thrown my way.

I don't know where the problem really is - Sendmail, Thunderbird, or 
just what, so I ask here hoping others have run into this problem. It is 
definitely not a MailScanner problem. Google hasn't helped me, nor has 
the Thunderbird site.

I use rkhunter to report the status of my systems every day by email. 
The output of the reports sometimes uses the older console control 
characters for formatting. This does not display very well on my email 
reports, as tabs show up as "[1;32m"

Anyone know a fix for this either in SendMail, Thunderbird or any other 
place? I use Linux Sendmail servers and a PC with Thunderbird as a mail 
reader. Hopefully an add-on or something?


Steve Campbell

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