Outbound relay on 587

Devon Harding devonharding at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 12:44:40 GMT 2008

> I am not sure if this is your problem or not; however, I use Postfix,
> and am forced to use port 587 when sending to 'GMAIL', as well as my
> own ISP. Anyway, to accomplish that, I have to have TLS working on my
> system. That is rather trivial in Postfix, though I understand it is a
> major PIA with Sendmail. In any case, you might want to investigate
> that possibility.

Well, from the prompt, I can telnet to Godaddy's SMTP servers on port 587,
it's just that sendmail doesn't seem to be using that port.  I'm wondering
what other config do I need to do.

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