Outbound relay on 587

Apu apu at nocservices.com
Mon Feb 11 03:10:16 GMT 2008

Apu wrote, On 2/10/08 9:57 PM:
> Devon Harding wrote, On 2/10/08 9:17 PM:
>> My ISP (Comcast) is of course blocking port 25 inbound and out.  How 
>> can I
>> configure MailScanner to relay all outbound mail to my easyDNS servers 
>> via
>> port 587?
> Check your MTA (sendmail, postfix, etc.) to send via a "smart host."
> For sendmail, add a
>     define(`SMART_HOST', `mail.isp.net')
> to your sendmail.mc and regenerate sendmail.cf

Sorry to reply to myself... but to clarify my off-topic post...

define(`SMART_HOST', `mail.isp.net') by itself will send via port 25 and 
is good if you want to send via Comcast's servers.

If you want to send via another server and port 587, you want both

	define(`SMART_HOST', `mail.isp.net')
	define(`RELAY_MAILER_ARGS', `TCP $h 587')

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