Mailscanner generated duplicate message

Cedric Devillers cde at
Fri Feb 8 20:08:10 GMT 2008

Alex Neuman wrote:
> On Feb 8, 2008, at 2:02 PM, Glenn Steen wrote:
>> When using Postfix and setting Scan Messages = no (with a rulset, for
>> some....), duplicates are "generated" by several MailScanner children
>> picking up and delivering the same message. It seems to be something
>> to do with timing, since not all generate this behavior, but rather
>> under heavy load (as in situations where some form of mailing list or
>> bulk mailer (presumably a legit newsletter) send large amounts of
>> messages at once).
> Could you reproduce the opposite of this behaviour by using "max
> children = 0"?

With this parameter, i cannot reproduce any duplicates so far... So the
childs really seems to matter.

Note that the queue scan interval is pretty low on this server too (set
to 2). But that should not cause any duplicates under normal
circonstances i suppose.

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