Skipping SpamAssassin if sender is on an RBL

Vlad Mazek v at
Thu Feb 7 16:59:57 GMT 2008

So how does a message that gets hit by Spam Lists To Be Spam bypass
spamassassin checks in MailScanner?


On 2/7/08, Richard Frovarp <richard.frovarp at> wrote:
> Vlad Mazek wrote:
> > RBL check at the MTA wouldn't store the messages in the MailScanner
> > quarantines...
> >
> > -Vlad
> No, it would bounce back to sender so they know they have a problem.
> Check out Spam Lists To Be Spam. Or Spam Lists To Reach High Score
> depending on how your actions are. That should do the trick.
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