Skipping SpamAssassin if sender is on an RBL

Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at
Thu Feb 7 16:21:26 GMT 2008

Vlad Mazek a écrit :
> Is there any way to skip/bypass the SA check (and the resources it 
> takes up) and store spam in the quarantine automatically if the sender 
> is on an RBL?
> I'm looking over my stats over the past few days and can't help but 
> see that SA resources are wasted on the senders that are on RBLs but 
> we still have to keep them for that one out of a million SPAMs that 
> someone will eventually consider critical :(
> -Vlad 

Personnally, I do RBL checks at the MTA level and in SA but none in MS.  
I also run a caching-nameserver. That way I don't waste many resources.


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