Mailscanner generated duplicate message

Cedric Devillers cde at
Thu Feb 7 15:39:26 GMT 2008


I'm trying to revive this thread from the last month because we are
observing the exact same behavior on one of our servers.

So to remember the facts :

- We are using mailscanner with postfix, and duplicated messages are
generated by mailscanner.

- This system is the only one where we are observing this behavior. It
have a little particularity : it mainly act as a mail relay, but
sometimes many mails are generated by the server itself (a script) and
injected in postfix queues via sendmail command. We can always reproduce
some duplicated messages with this script.

- MailScanner is configured (by ruleset) to bypass scanning for thoses
messages, but they are still entering the mailscanner logic (postix ->
hold queue -> mailscanner (no scan) -> active queue).

- Mailwatch is running on this server, and for each duplicates we see
entries with null size body (2, 3, 4, sometimes 5) then at last a final
entry with the full body. Note that the recipient see the full body on
every duplicate.

It looks like a locking problem, because all duplicates are with the
same postfix queue ID and different entropy part (ID.xxxx, ID.yyyy,
ID.zzzz, etc). Can it be possible that a mailscanner child "fail" to
lock some queue file when message is marked not to be scanned by
mailscanner ?

I will not be very helpfull to debug perl code, but i can provide any
needed logs to help finding the origin of the problem.

This is really a serious problem in this particular installation. But i
must say that we have dozens of other servers that are running
mailscanner/postfix, and we are very happy about thems :)

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