MS/Solaris installation buglets

David Lee t.d.lee at
Thu Feb 7 09:48:24 GMT 2008

Julian: to report a couple of Solaris MS (4.66.5) installation buglets.

1. MakeMaker requires a release of File::Spec which may be more recent
   than that native in the OS.  You already distribute a good File::Spec.

   Solution: Re-order the installation to do File::Spec before MakeMaker.
   (Tested: it works.)

2. MakeMaker build reports "Can't locate Pod/ in @INC...".  Might
   these need something like "Pod::Man" adding to the list of modules you

There may be more waiting for later, but I'm suspending work on this
attempted installation at present so we can decide the best approach.

I'd be happy to try to beta-test things for you.

Best wishes.


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