internal ip address

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Wed Feb 6 20:00:34 GMT 2008

--[ UxBoD ]-- wrote:
> Whether it be a 10 or 192 range I don't believe that private IP addresses give that much information away.


Do you vlan? Do you vlan based on department, building floor, or other useful 
locality? Most large networks do.

You find out that lead sales guy x works in a particular office, then find an 
email from him archived somewhere.. then look for others in the same company 
with similar IP ranges... you now know a list of people that work together, and 
where they work. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It's really not that hard once you realize most networks are logically 
structured. You're just leveraging lots of little bits of information to create 
a larger picture. This isn't really much different than what your average 
private investigator does when digging through public records.

It takes time to study this kind of thing, but again, what's your threat level? 
Also consider kids (ie: those in school/college) have time in abundance, and are 
your most common hackers. Consider your competitors, they may not break in, but 
studying your business may be useful to them in trying to out-compete you.

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