[OT] sendmail max msg e queue times process

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 16:51:18 GMT 2008


 > ON a system using just sendmail ( version sendmail-8.13.1-3.2.el4)
 > I would like to specify the max msg to process at time and how many
 > often the queue shoud be processed.

please do not highjack threads to start a new one (by replying to a 
message and starting a new thread).

Look here http://www.sendmail.org/~ca/email/man/sendmail.html

Depending on your distribution and configuration you might have to 
adjust your startup script.
Here's one option regarding "how often to process the mail":

-q[time]    Processed saved messages in the queue at given intervals.

Then there is at http://www.sendmail.org/m4/tweaking_config.html

MaxQueueRunSize		"Essentially, this will stop reading each queue 
directory after this number of entries are reached"


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