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> why does it matter? most enterprise networks use a private range anyway, and therefore non-routable from the outside.
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I think the reasoning is that "vital" topoligical info will "leak"...
The value of such info is very limited, as a means for an attack, so
one really has to try balance the "value" gained with the value lost
(in breaking tracability... the thing that make Received lines

> ----- alexbo at wrote:
> > Thank you Denis for your reply.
> > I realize what you wrote, but it appears to me that exposing internal
> > ip addresses may lead anyone to know what is my internal network
> > structure:
> > the problem I am talking about is regarding an enterprise network,
> > where various clients are involved in sending mail to the outer
> > world.
> > Is there a way to hide those internal ip addresses ?
> > Regards,
> > Alex

ISTR this being discussed in the past, do a list search, it might turn
up the info you need (Was it Hugo who did this...?)...

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