Google maps blocked as .ico

Erik Weber twiztar at
Wed Feb 6 11:15:21 GMT 2008

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 06/02/2008, Erik Weber <twiztar at> wrote:
>> I tried to send an (html) email with the following <img> tag:
>> <img height="185" alt=""
>> src=""
>>  >
> If you want to pass attachments that are windoze icon files (or at
> least have that file name ending), then why don't you edit your copy
> of filename.rules.conf and allow that?
> Or is your gripe that this shouldn't have been treated as a file
> attachment in the first place? If so, provide a copy (preferably the
> message file from your quarantine) of the offending message... Put it
> on pastebin or somesuch...:)

It's not an attachment and it doesn't have an .ico ending, actually it 
doesn't  have an ending at all. is the relevant portion of the mail.

Erik Weber

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