How to understand spamassasin speed

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Mon Feb 4 14:16:27 GMT 2008

On 04/02/2008, Marcello Anderlini <m.anderlini at> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Is there any way to test the speed of single spamassassin test so to know
> which is slowing my system ?
> I've done spamassassin -D --lint 2>/tmp/speed.txt but there is now way to
> understand how may time each process takes long ?
> Thanks for your help and sorry for my worst English
> Best regards
> Marcello
Two things, one simple, one a little less simple:

1) Don't redirect the debug info to a file, just let it scroll by.
When it pauses, you'll likely see what it has done (which isn't the
cause) and will (with a little luck and speed on <Ctrl><s>...
redirecting stderr to stdout isn't bad either) see what took so long
to perform ionce it "unclogs";).

2) Install and use MailWatch. On the Tools page you have a link
"SpamAssassin lint (Test)" which will colorize and time each line of
the output... Unfortunately, this will likely not test the most
obvious culprits... Network related tests... To test these, one cannot
just do a simple lint anymore, one has to provide a test message like
spamassassin -D -t < /path/to/message file
... It shouldn't be hard to make MailWatch do that though:-).

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