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Guy Story KC5GOI kc5goi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 15:33:00 GMT 2008

Glenn and Kai, I am not real keen on skipping the checks either.  I have a
small spam white list but we had to do it for certain senders to us.  We
have vendors that seem to always get tagged.  I have Postfix doing checks
for evilness (body, header and mime header) and I agree that the spam white
list is not stopping all checks.  I agree that the spam white list rule only
bypasses the spam check, not the AV. Everything gets AV scanned, I do not
waver on that aspect.
I agree with Glenn Steen on Postfix.  I might have seen a question similar
to yours but not an way to do it.
I did not ask this earlier, I did not want to pry but I too am curious why
you would like to have those 9 get all the email sent to them.  It goes into
more detail than I will put here and it is in the wiki but you can put
entries in rules for specific addresses that can run different checks.  You
basically add an entry for a specific email address that points to a
different rule.  You can disable the checks in those rules. For example, I
block WMA files for all but a few employees. You can bypass the filename,
file type, spam checks etc but that defeats the purpose of running


Guy Story KC5GOI
kc5goi at gmail.com
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