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Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Mon Dec 29 21:08:59 GMT 2008

On 29 Dec 2008, at 15:57, Rob Sterenborg wrote:

> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>> I know several ISP's that use single MS/SA combinations and it works
>> well. I'll look at why the spam is getting through, bad whitelists,
>> not enough third party SA rules etc etc. Perhaps if you post the
>> pastebin link for an example email (full headers etc), people can run
>> it over their systems and see what rules hit vs what rules hit for
>> your setup.
> The thing is I got the complaint but so far no-one has ever proved  
> to me
> that our solution was inadequate by sending me the offending emails,  
> so
> I can't look into it.
> I am looking for a solution in case I need it.

I scan for multiple domains and a fairly large range of types of mail  
with only 1 bayes db without a problem. I would recommend providing a  
suitable method for users to train mail (A shared IMAP folder for  
example. There are some ideas in the wiki)

> Steve Freegard wrote:
>> Not without writing some code to achieve it.   Search the list
>> archives for 'spamd support module' and you'll find some code I sent
>> to the list that adds spamd support into MailScanner via the
>> GenericSpamScanner interface.
>> You'd need to extend that a bit to change which $spamd_user is being
>> sent to spamd depending on who the message is being sent to (remember
>> that you will need to handle messages to multiple different domains
>> in a single message) - then you can run spamd with '-c -x
>> --virtual-config-dir=/var/spamd/prefs/%u' and it will automatically
>> create user_prefs and the bayes databases in /var/spamd/prefs/<user>
>> for you.  If you want to get fancy then you can use '-q' instead of
>> '--virtual-config-dir' and that will allow all the preferences to be
>> loaded from SQL instead (note that you can't mix both methods).
>> If you decide to go this route, then please make sure that you
>> contribute your changes back so that others may benefit.
> This looks interesting. I'll look into this in the near future and  
> yes,
> if I'm able to get what I want (it's in Perl which is not quite my
> specialty, but I have a collegue who might be able to do it) then I'll
> post it back.

I would also suggest you search the archives for a series of post that  
Matt Hampton and I  exchanged a few months ago about doing this. We  
had it running but from my point of view it was using more resources  
and hence slowing the box more than the native MS set up but it did do  
what you were looking at.


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