Scanning for multiple organisations

Rob Sterenborg R.Sterenborg at
Mon Dec 29 15:57:35 GMT 2008

Martin Hepworth wrote:

> I know several ISP's that use single MS/SA combinations and it works
> well. I'll look at why the spam is getting through, bad whitelists,
> not enough third party SA rules etc etc. Perhaps if you post the
> pastebin link for an example email (full headers etc), people can run
> it over their systems and see what rules hit vs what rules hit for
> your setup. 

The thing is I got the complaint but so far no-one has ever proved to me
that our solution was inadequate by sending me the offending emails, so
I can't look into it.
I am looking for a solution in case I need it.

Steve Freegard wrote:

> Not without writing some code to achieve it.   Search the list
> archives for 'spamd support module' and you'll find some code I sent
> to the list that adds spamd support into MailScanner via the
> GenericSpamScanner interface. 
> You'd need to extend that a bit to change which $spamd_user is being
> sent to spamd depending on who the message is being sent to (remember
> that you will need to handle messages to multiple different domains
> in a single message) - then you can run spamd with '-c -x
> --virtual-config-dir=/var/spamd/prefs/%u' and it will automatically
> create user_prefs and the bayes databases in /var/spamd/prefs/<user>
> for you.  If you want to get fancy then you can use '-q' instead of
> '--virtual-config-dir' and that will allow all the preferences to be
> loaded from SQL instead (note that you can't mix both methods).
> If you decide to go this route, then please make sure that you
> contribute your changes back so that others may benefit.

This looks interesting. I'll look into this in the near future and yes,
if I'm able to get what I want (it's in Perl which is not quite my
specialty, but I have a collegue who might be able to do it) then I'll
post it back.


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