Which version of Kaspersky to use with MailScanner

Jonas Akrouh Larsen jonas at vrt.dk
Mon Dec 29 09:24:35 GMT 2008

I have used Kaspersky workstation version before, worked fine, although
pretty cpu intensive.


We now use f-secure, which contains both the f-secure engine/signatures as
well as the kaspersky ditto.


So you actually get 2 scanners in one product which is pretty cool.


Just my 5cents


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Hello list,

           My doubt is regarding which version of Kaspersky to be used with
MailScanner, whether it is Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Workstation or
Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Mail Server. 

The MailScanner documentation at 


has mentioned about kav4workstation, which I suppose would be the
workstation version. It says, for BSD, kav4mailservers can also be used. We
are using CentOS 4.5 as mail server and plan to the use the Kaspersky
purchased for the Proxy server also. Then i guess the workstation version is
the right choice. 

Any comments are welcomed about which version is normally used in
MailScanner by everyone.



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