Installation with Fedora 10

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Sat Dec 27 19:49:38 GMT 2008

> And I share the sentiment that using Fedora for production servers makes
> no sense to me.

Each to his own! As you know, using Fedora for production servers makes  
perfect sense to me :)  My systems require more recent packages of most  
things than are found in CentOS. The thing I upgrade most often is  
MailScanner, which works very nicely for production servers :)

Note that RHEL and CentOS also release new point-release versions every  
six months or so, as more up-to-date stuff filters through from Fedora.

Anyway, the choice of running old software for a long time with patches or  
upgrading to current stable versions with fewer patches will depend on  
what type of server you're running and what software requirements you have.

Happy Christmas and a spam-reduced New Year to all MailScanner users!

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