Installation with Fedora 10

Eli Wapniarski eli at
Sat Dec 27 05:27:07 GMT 2008


Hope this gets to the right person.

There is a problem installing Mailscanner in Fedora 10. Fedora 10 uses 
rpmmacro when to rebuild rpms. What this translates to is that a folder under 
the user's home folder that tries to build an package will have that package 
built under


This was done in order to avoid some security problem when building packages. 
(How building a package with root privileges is more dangerous than installing 
a package with root privileges is beyond me.) As such, all packages are built 
under ~/rpmbuild. The installation script can't find all the packages that are 
built because it doesn't seem to look in the correct folder.

Since the Mailscannerinstallation script requires root privileges to install 
the workaround would be to provide a soft link to "/usr/src/redhat"

So... issuing the command

	mv /usr/src/redhat /usr/src/redhat.bak

just in case there are packages there that you want to keep and then

	ln -s /root/rpmbuild /usr/src/redhat

would provide a temporary workaround until such time as the problem gets 


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