HTML spam using you own e-mail address

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Fri Dec 26 18:08:48 GMT 2008

On Dec 26, 2008, at 7:45 AM, Dave Shariff Yadallee - System  
Administrator a.k.a. The Root of the Problem wrote:

> Does anyone know how to stop this spam?

Unless you give more information and examples, I guess the answer is a  
definite yes, no and it depends.

Some of the "tell your MTA to be less gullible about it using MTA  
tricks and SPF" suggestions are MTA-dependent, so you can help us  
narrow it down by detailing that. Other tools (such as rulesets by IP)  
can help at the MailScanner level. Let us know a bit more about your  
particular situation and I'm sure some of us will be able to help you  
(for example, I rarely - if ever - touch postfix, as it causes  
swapping ;-) and never had to set up qmail with MailScanner, so I can  
help a bit if sendmail's involved).

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

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