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Fri Dec 19 14:05:16 GMT 2008

JC Putter wrote on Fri, 19 Dec 2008 15:43:57 +0200:

> This is more a spamassassin question, but if the SARE ruleset are
> not been updated, which rulesets can i then use because the default
> rules with spamassassin are not enough,

In many cases they *are* enough. Just blindly adding lots of rules won't really
help. You have to analyze what gets thru why and then take the appropriate
measures. Reading the sa list will really help in this. Just adding a few rules
special to your environment may be enough (e.g. I could just score on "deposit" while 
others can't as they may get ligitimate mail with this word). There are lots of good 
"markers" in the mail you provided.

> If i run sa-update i get the following
> [31936] dbg: dns: => 709395, parsed as 709395
> [31936] dbg: channel: current version is 709395, new version is 709395, skipping channel
> [31936] dbg: diag: updates complete, exiting with code 1
> If never received an update using sa-update...

You received one as it shows that you are up-to-date.


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