How do skip HOLD for some messages in postfix header_checks

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>ram wrote:
>> I use MailScanner + postfix to do Antivirus scan on our servers 
>> So I use the header_checks to put messages in Hold for MailScanner to
>> pickup and scan
>> For some from-ids I do not want to put the mails on hold and send
>> without scan. These are high volume system alerts , and no scan is
>> required 
>> How do I achieve this ? 
>> PS: I know this is more of a postfix query , but on the pf-list
>> He-who-shall-not-be-named would not like a Mailscanner question :-)

>Hello, Ram!
>You could use MailScanner functionallity:
>FromOrTo: email at address   no
>FromOrTo: default         yes
>in scan.messages.rules
>which is defined in MailScanner.conf with:
>Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.messages.rules

That does not actually answer the OP's question. He wants to
specifically bypass the "HOLD" function. Having his users use SASL and
authenticate on a different SMTP port, 587 is the usually one to use,
is the method I have found to be most secure and efficient.

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