Buy Mailscanner Book in Germany?

traced traced at
Thu Dec 18 07:44:48 GMT 2008

Scott Silva schrieb:
>> Never thought it could be so hard just to buy a book? My main problem is
>> that I dont have a credit card, and I will not change that just for a book
>> ;)
>> Bastian
> Maybe you can find a local bookshop that will buy it online for you if you pay
> in advance their costs.
> Although it is getting harder to find a local bookshop that isn't a big
> corporation anymore.
> Or maybe a credit card based gift card, if they have them in your country.
> You buy them at a face value plus a handling fee. When empty you toss them.
Hi Scott,

thanks for reply, I found someone in my family with card. Now there 
should be no problem :) Is reliable with shipping in other 


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