Email report of stripped attachment when exceeding size limit

David Lee david at
Thu Dec 18 01:21:25 GMT 2008

Hi All,

Am currently running Mailscanner (v4.67.6) with MailWatch on a FreeBSD 
7.0 server (I realise the version of MailScanner is quite old, but I 
have installed it via the FreeBSD Ports system).

I have a question regarding reporting a stripped mail attachments when 
they exceed the maximum configured message size limit. When this occurs 
the intended recipient of the email receives the report detailing what 
has happened on possible actions to take to prevent it (e.g. compressing 
the attachment). I would of thought that this report should be sent back 
to the sender of the email, since they are the ones who can do something 
about it?

Is this the expected functionality of MailScanner or do I have some 


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