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Brent Clark brentgclarklist at
Wed Dec 17 09:37:58 GMT 2008

Steve Basford wrote:
> Position:  IP: number of hits for today
> 1  2,538
> 2     1,504
> 3     1,080

I had a look at the IP's of 1 and 3. If im not mistaken, those are 
transparent proxies in south africa.

I dont think you can block by per ip as it would mean no one would get a 
chance and would lead to a level of unfairness.

In my opinion Sanesecurity should look at another solution and if I can 
too suggest blocking ips should be a last resort (if at all a solution) 
to solving your problem.

Maybe look at this as a positive and understand that your project is 
great, indemand and successful therefore you should look to improve 
services and meet up with demand for coming year.
Therefore why not look to increase the specs of the machine, setup 
mirrors, use torrents etc ... basically look at ways of distributing / 
load balancing.

Regards and my 2c.
Brent Clark

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