Sanesecurity signatures are no longer being updated or distributed

Ken A ka at
Mon Dec 15 15:04:52 GMT 2008

Achim J. Latz wrote:
> In case others are receiving errors from their update scripts [1]:
> "Sanesecurity signatures are no longer being updated or distributed due 
> to extremely high server resource usage, which appears to be from a 
> distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). I've moved server hosts 
> twice (which takes time) and both times have resulted in the site being 
> suspened.
> As many of you know, I produce the signatures and run the site, in my 
> spare time and with Christmas approaching I’m finding my spare time is 
> currently limited.
> Hopefully this won’t be the end of the signatures and I’m hoping that 
> they may return in the New Year.
> May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped this 
> project, either by providing samples, bandwidth, download scripts or 
> donating.
> Thanks and sorry to let you all down.
> Steve
> Sanesecurity"
> [1]

That's too bad. I really saw a decent amount of crap detection.
Any other 3rd party sigs that are recommended?

I had tried msrbl sigs a while back and they produced a few fps, which 
isn't really tolerable with clamav sigs. Perhaps they have improved the 


Ken Anderson

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