MailScanner MailWatch Multi-Domain SPAM issue

mmcintosh mmcintosh at
Fri Dec 12 06:09:58 GMT 2008

Hello All,

I have an issue with people from the same domain xxx at sending
to yyy at sending mail to each other and the mail being listed
as spam. I am not sure at this point if this is a mailwatch or
mailscanner issue. How do I assure that this does not happen??? I have
not had this issue before with any other domain. This is a newly added
domain but nothing has changed I am on centos 5.2 mailscanner version
4.71.10 MailWatch 1.04 

Is it possible or advisable to whitelist domains within my list to be
auto white listed ??

why from the same doamin would a piece of mail come up as spam (just
text mail no attachments) ??

If I have not included enough information please excuse I am not as
familiar with this as I should be I have many systems to take care of (I
have the book and do the best I can)

Mark McIntosh

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