MailScanner in debian-volatile at at
Tue Dec 9 22:14:00 GMT 2008


>> > Why doesn't someone create a deb for release with debian-volatile
>> then?

Because I did't have enough time to do it yet ...
I took over the debian package when I was working in job I was involved
with MailScanner nearly every day.
I'm currently in a job where I develop a J2EE Application, so not much
time left for MailScanner.

Here is the feature-request for volatile:

>> > This generally takes care of constantly updating packages like clam,
>> > MailScanner should be there too.
>> >
>> > We run debian-volatile anywhere  need stuff up to date (Such as
>> > mailservers). It works very well.

>> Volunteering?

> I used to build them, but time got taken away from me (I have a family
> now) I can look into it if theres enough interest?

Would be great.


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