How does mailscanner handle spanned archives?

Jeff Mills Jeff.Mills at
Tue Dec 9 21:59:22 GMT 2008

Is MailScanner able to handle spanned archives?

I've got a client who has had an attachment removed with the message:
"Message contained archive nested too deeply"

The subject of the email is this:
Subject: {Dangerous Content?} National Team Update Conference Call Email
1 of 3

The subject makes me think that perhaps a spanned zip has been used, but
does MailScanner blanket reject spanned zips, or can it handle them
I guess it is not able to check the contents of spanned zips because it
doesn't have all the parts at the same time, but is this the message we
would see?

My archive depth setting was 2. I have changed this to 3, just in case
they had zips inside zips.

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