[Simon Walter] Re: Bug#506353: mailscanner: many scripts allow local users to overwrite arbitrary files, and more, via symlink attacks

simon.walter at hp-factory.de simon.walter at hp-factory.de
Tue Dec 9 11:58:03 GMT 2008


> Send me mail from a badly setup domain, and you better not be surprised
> when I don't accept it. The RFC makes it very clear that MX records can
> only point to A records and not to CNAME records.
> Get your DNS fixed and I will happily accept your mail.
> :-)

Yeah, I have got that...
I can't get my DNS fixed because it's not mine. I have to wait till
someone else does it and I don't know when that will happen.

Funny how everybody focuses on this little, unimportant, technical problem
but ignores the real cause of my mail.

Did you read my first mail which started thsi thread?


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