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Ronald Weiss RWeiss at
Wed Dec 3 09:18:48 GMT 2008

Hello @all,

in my setup i am not able to view the virii reports in mailwatch.
i'm not sure if it is a mailwatch or mailscanner issue,
so i post here before i sign in to the mailwatch list...
(perhaps someone has got a similar setup?)

my setup:
Mailscanner     4.71.10
Mailwatch       1.0.4
clamav          ClamAV 0.94.1 (will be updated)
mysql           5.0.18

so, in the report page, if i chose "top viruses" i only get a empty page, 
with an image of 0x0.
(no errors in apache errorlog!)

Virus report is also empty, but the headings...

anyone an idea about that?

thx in advance

  °v°   Mit freundlichen Gruessen/Kind regards,
 /(_)\  Ronny Weiß
  ^ ^ 
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