Virus action: Fwd emails to 1 address

Jerry gesbbb at
Mon Dec 1 19:59:42 GMT 2008

On Mon, 1 Dec 2008 14:50:30 -0200
"Eduardo Casarero" <ecasarero at> wrote:

>first of all, this is a request from my users... They requested me, if
>there is any way to forward all emails with virus(detected with
>clamav) to one specified  email address.
>I know, if it's virus what would you do with that, but you know,
>they're users...

No virus scanner is 100% perfect. One way or another, they all screw up
occasionally. There is nothing worse than losing an important email to
the bit bucket do to an errant virus detection. All emails, regardless
of type, should be forwarded onto the intended recipient unless you
have their permission to discard them. From my own personal experience,
end users want to receive them, abet in a separate folder or however
their system is configured.

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