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Mon Dec 1 19:56:20 GMT 2008

Steve Freegard wrote:
> Hi Devon,
> Devon Harding wrote:
>> If my Mail server is not available for some time(ie. maintenance), 
>> how can I configure MailScanner to hold the message for a period of 
>> time instead of rejecting it and sending it back to the sender?
> MailScanner doesn't have anything to do with message delivery - that's 
> the job of your MTA.
> Provided the mailboxes are not on the same box as MailScanner; you 
> don't need to do anything.  Your MTA will automatically queue mail to 
> the destination system if it is down or not responding.
> Cheers,
> Steve.
Hi Devon,


I have used Zone Edits service for this type of event in the past. May 
not be what you are looking for but it has helped us during past issues. 
It is inexpensive and has been around for sometime.

Backup Mail Service (Store and Forward Service)

When you sign up for the backup mail service, we automatically add our 
backup mail server in an MX record to your zone. This causes all 
incoming mail to attempt your primary server first, and if that fails, 
to try our backup server. When our backup server gets mail for you, it 
looks up your primary server, and periodically attempts to redeliver 
your mail to the primary. It will attempt redelivery for 10 days before 
returning the mail to the sender as undeliverable

Mark McIntosh
Infowall Technologies

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