Centos 5.2, MS, perl ClamAV module

David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Mon Dec 1 14:02:20 GMT 2008

On Sun, 30 Nov 2008, Scott Silva wrote:

> on 11-27-2008 8:39 AM David Lee spake the following:
>> [...]
>> Is the recommendation is that we no longer use the perl ClamAV module
>> and instead use "clamd"?
>> If so, then are all the pieces in place to ensure that the "clamd"
>> module is automatically invoked?  (The "chkconfig ..." and "service ...
>> start"
>> or equivalents?)
> Since you are using CentOS 5, you can enable the rpmforge repo and get 
> spamassassin and clamav from yum.
> The yum repo has a working clamd setup, and even Julian has recommended 
> this way with CentOS.

Many thanks for that most ueful reply.  Appreciated.

For my particular instance, that sounds good; I've just done a quick test 
to verify it.  (I'm hitting a couple of "selinux" oddities, but there's a 
possibility that they are because of local oddities here, not necessarily 
in the rpmforge packages.)

For the general case (e.g. not CentOS; user installing SA/ClamAV package) 
might there still be a case for the SA/ClamAV to be able to install the 
"init.d" script (and other things) to provide a consistent installation?

Thanks again.


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