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Jan Agermose ja at
Sat Aug 30 13:03:46 IST 2008


im not sure if this is mailscanner or a sendmail setting. I want to be
able to block mails based on TO-address. I see sometimes one of my
customers gets like 5000 mailer daemon mails or maybe just is hit by
some spam. Often its to/from something I could easy block if I could use
a perl pattern like ".+olga at" or something like this. I know I
can do this as part of the "definitly spam" setting and then its
blacklisted and stored - but often I simply want to block the mail -
like on the MTA level so its rejected and not stored. 

Can I do this in Mailscanner or is it sendmail? But if its sendmail -
then I cannot use patterns, right? I mean in /etc/mail/access  - I can
ofcause write like "olga at                       REJECT" equal
to "*olga at". 

That would reject 1olga@ and 2olga@ and so on so Im almost there but it
would also reject "olga at ..."  and thats not what I want - can I use
patterns somehow - stronger patterns than ? 

best regards


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