AW: Not completely OT: Does this affect MailScanner users on RH/FC/CentOS?

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Fri Aug 29 20:45:02 IST 2008

On Aug 29, 2008, at 2:24 PM, Christopher J. Buckley wrote:

> Do you really want to be encouraging people to compile their own  
> binaries of such a critical package?  I wouldn't.
Do you really want to use that kind of tone on this list? :-) I don't  
want to encourage anything other than what this group has always stood  
for: a veritable "Library of Alexandria" on MTAs and tweaking and  
such. On more than one occasion I've helped (or been helped) with  
something that isn't directly related to MailScanner by a bunch of  
dedicated, caring, selfless people who learn by applying their  
experience towards fixing other people's problems, since it enriches  
their particular experience and provides the framework - and  
motivation, let's not forget that! - for others to help *them* in  
their times of need, whether it's in the form of code or, for those of  
us who don't program, some insight, inspiration or a localized  
translation that benefits even more people.

> I would advise people to contact their vendor and obtain the hot-fix  
> or latest *supported* package.  Of course, if you wanted support,  
> you wouldn't be running Fedora.. :-)  So cest la vie.

One of the great things about MailScanner is that it'll run in many  
platforms, giving you the freedom to choose. In that same sense I  
believe more than one person on this list knows how to recompile their  
perl binary and would like the opportunity to test it out; even more  
people would be able to benefit from the trail they blaze if they  
choose to put it up on the wiki.

Please don't think I'm encouraging people to compile critical binaries  
(even though there are a few list members who wouldn't have it any  
other way) without adult supervision; I'm only suggesting that when  
they *do* find something that could benefit others in the future, they  
help by committing it to the wiki.

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