MailScanner Watermark Plugin For Microsoft Exchange 2007

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Can you add this to the Wiki please? It looks really useful to know.

Mikael Syska wrote:
> Hi,
> For some time I have been thinking about getting our Exchange servers 
> that are placed in diffenrent location than our MailScanner to add 
> Watermark themselvf and also to save alot of traffic ... I come up 
> with this solution, a Transport Agent for Exhcange 2007. It can 
> probebly to converted to also include Exchange 2003, but thats out of 
> my knowledge .... EventSinks aint my cup of tea.
> If there are any problems with it, please contact me so we can solve 
> the problem.
> Ideas for more are very welcome ... :-)
> Link and other info is available here:
> best regards
> Mikael Syska

I helped Mikael test the code a little bit, and I can confirm that it works.

As talked about several weeks ago this is super usefull for all those of us
who suffer from backscatter but for one reason or another cant or wont send
all our outgoing mail via a MailScanner relay.

So kudos to Mikael for coding this sweet addonf or exchange :)

I can only hope it inspires somebody to implement the equivalent functions
as an exchange 2003 event sink.

Best regards

Jonas Larsen

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