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Sun Aug 24 21:01:36 IST 2008

Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
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> Julian Field wrote:
>> A Custom Function is used to calculate the value of a configuration
>> setting for any particular message. The return value from the function
>> is just the value you want to use as the value of the configuration
>> setting. So if you used a custom function to work out the value of Spam
>> Actions, then a valid return value might be "store deliver" for example.
>> It is usually a string, except for settings that have a yes or no value.
>> No = 0 and yes = 1.
>> That's about all there is to it.
> The odd thing is that I am looking into the GenericSpamScanner sample.
> If I call the function from MailScanner like this:
> Use Custom Spam Scanner = &SearchMalware
No, that's not how it works. Read the docs for "Use Custom Spam Scanner" 
in MailScanner.conf, it tells you exactly how to implement it. This 
option "Use Custom Spam Scanner" is a simple yes/no result function, you 
want to set it to "yes" if you want to implement this feature. It's 
documented there, and explains exactly what to call the Custom Spam 
Scanner function, where to put it, what parameters it is passed and what 
it should return. There is even a complete example implementation for you.

So please RTM :-)
> I was expecting it to behave differently from other functions. The
> specific behaviour seems to be reserved for the actual function called
> GenericSpamScanner.
No, it's just a yes/no setting, as explained in MailScanner.conf.
> Another issue is error reporting. The only error you get at startup is
> about the last line tht might be missing. But just about any mistake
> will show that message. Can the error report be made more specific?
I'm not sure I get much else passed back, but I will try to take a look 
at this to see if it can be improved.


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