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Sun Aug 24 16:55:55 IST 2008

A Custom Function is used to calculate the value of a configuration  
setting for any particular message. The return value from the function  
is just the value you want to use as the value of the configuration  
setting. So if you used a custom function to work out the value of  
Spam Actions, then a valid return value might be "store deliver" for  
example. It is usually a string, except for settings that have a yes  
or no value. No = 0 and yes = 1.

That's about all there is to it.


On 24 Aug 2008, at 13:14, Hugo van der Kooij  
<hvdkooij at> wrote:

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> Hi,
> The only bit I found on writing custom functions is
> And the few bits in the MailScanner/CustomFunctions directory.
> My aim is to write a custom function to detect links to executables  
> and
> such and mark then with some points. Then take it one level up and
> pickup the samples for further analyses before they are taken  
> offline again.
> The first bit can be done with just  few lines in SA just as well.  
> It is
> the second part that will help me get malware samples as soon as
> possible that can not be done in SA.
> Is there any addititional information about writing MailScanner custom
> functions? The return() part is a bit unclear to me. Because I think  
> it
> may vary on how you call upon the custom function.
> Hugo.
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