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Sun Aug 24 11:22:03 IST 2008

Caza Henha wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I seemed to have solved the problem with my own bit of perl debugging. 
> I changed the line of code to
> $handle = IO::File->new_tmpfile or die "Unable to make new temporary 
> file: $!";
> I'm not sure why the code is not like this in the first place as it 
> seems to stall the progam, however it return "Invalid Argument". I 
> checked the permissions on Unbuntu JeOS's tmp directory and it was 
> only writable by root so I changed it by:
> sudo chmod o+w /tmp/
Your /tmp should be set to
chmod 1777 /tmp

The call to new_tmpfile should never fail unless there is something 
wrong with your system, as was the case for you. I'm not wholly 
convinced saying "Invalid Argument" is going to help anyone fix 
anything, it's a pretty useless error message. But I could add the "or 
die" I guess. The only difference is the error message that gets 
printed, I guess I will write a rather better error message than yours.

How about this instead:
    $handle = IO::File->new_tmpfile or die "Your /tmp needs to be set to 
\"chmod 1755 /tmp\"";
That would actually print something useful.


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