EXE Files Slipping Through

Jon Bates jon.bates at summitinvestment.com.au
Sat Aug 23 13:27:36 IST 2008

Im hoping someone can help me here.

By using filename and filetype exceptions I've allowed myself to send and
receive .exe files. I've banned this for all other addresses though. The
reason for this is that it catches a huge amount of malware that slips
through Clamav/Sophos - at the moment its hundreds of "Fedex tracking
number" emails with a zipped exe attachment that aren't being detected!

My problem is when malware emails arrive which are addressed to me AS WELL
as other people - This means the infected email is actually delivered to the
other people on the email! Is this normal behaviour? I'm smart enough not to
open these emails, but other people are not!

Is there any way to stop this behaviour without me losing my ability to
send/receive EXE files?


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