Blacklist and delete? -- Clarification

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Fri Aug 15 19:04:13 IST 2008

At 01:27 PM 8/15/2008, you wrote:
>I was wondering if this is possible...
>I have a few users who get tons of spam every day. MailScanner
>successfully blocks most of these through rules and/or blacklists. The
>problem is when users are viewing their quarantine, there are so many
>messages that it takes a long time to see if anything legitimate is in
>there. On servers running MailWatch with a quarantine report, the report
>has 150+ messages in it, again very time consuming to look through.
>So is it possible to have a blacklist entry that also deletes the
>message? This way the quarantine and/or the report email will not be

Slightly OT, but what I did to solve my volume problem was rbldnsd 
(; my own RBL. I've never 
trusted any of the RBL's entirely, except maybe Zen, but then we 
started doing major loads of International email and still wasn't 
sure about them.

Clarification, here:
I do use other RBLs, but only in SpamAssassin for scoring. I didn't 
feel I could trust any of them fully at the MTA.


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