Filetype rules - blocking exes not working

Chris Yuzik itdept at
Fri Aug 15 18:10:22 IST 2008

Hi everyone,


We've noticed a bit of an oddity here. Files that are .exe are getting
through our mail system, and I'm not quite sure why.


In MailScanner.conf, we have:


                Filetype Rules = %rules-dir%/filetype.rules


In filetype.rules.conf, we have:


                deny      executable         No executables
No programs allowed


We also have:


                Maximum Archive Depth = %rules-dir%/max.archive.depth.rules


And the contents of max.archive.depth.rules are:


                FromOrTo:          default 0


I've checked and made sure that fields are separated by tabs.


I'm not sure what else I must be missing. Any ideas?



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