AW: AW: New beta released

Ehle, Roland roland at
Wed Aug 13 21:27:24 IST 2008

> Ehle, Roland wrote:
> > Jules,
> >
> > no performance impact so far on my machine, dealing with ~ 35k
> messages. One thing I realized and did not find the reason so far: Sign
> Clean Messages option does not work for HTML-Messages anymore :-( Only
> Text-messages are signed. So probably something has happened.
> >
> Have you noticed there are quite a few new config options to do with
> signing HTML messages. You well might be falling foul of one of them.
> Please can you double check with the new options for me?

I noticed the config options that deal with signing messages. I have the following settings:

Inline HTML Signature = /etc/MailScanner/rules/sign-html.rules
Inline Text Signature = /etc/MailScanner/rules/sign-text.rules
Sign Messages Already Processed = yes
Sign Clean Messages = /etc/MailScanner/rules/signature.rules
Attach Image To Signature = no
Allow Multiple HTML Signatures = yes
Dont Sign HTML If Headers Exist = # In-Reply-To: References:

I have copied the working sign-text.rules to sign-html.rules to make sure, that it is not a problem with the rules file. I have triple checked all configuration options and found no errors in the configuration. Text E-Mails are signed, as it should be, but neither HTML nor Richtext formatted messages are signed.

I use Exchange 2k7 as Mailserver.


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