Mailer Daemon Spam Messages

junior.listas junior.listas at
Mon Aug 11 05:09:09 IST 2008

Guy, thank you for your attention..

but i dont think so, i tried this with and without *...


Guy Story KC5GOI escreveu:
> junior.listas wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm new to mailscanner, I just have installed 2 box, its a great 
>> peace of code, almost all things works fine for me , but I have a big 
>> problem; just one user still receiving lots of messages from  
>> postmaster@ and mailer-daemon@ that the header X-original-To  goes to 
>> him but they doesnt send this mails. I has used a blacklist ( 
>> definitely backlist ) like:
>> FromOrTO:   postmaster@    yes
>> FromOrTO:   mailer-daemon@    yes
>> ... but the emails still delivered to the user.
>> How can i block this emails??
>> ps. Is blakclist and whitelist case sensitive?
> You need to add the * after the @ in the addresses.
> Guy

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